Safer, Stronger, Better, Cooler

The ZERO Ammunition Box has reinvented itself to provide shooters and hunters with a safer and stronger way to store their ammunition. The ZERO Case combines functionality, a refined design and an impressive appearance making it the coolest Ammo Box on the market.


Unbeatable features

Solid yet portable, ZERO can safely store up to 50 rounds (28 in case of some big calibers) and it is available for almost every caliber. Inside the ZERO Box there is a super resistant foam that prevents rattling and retains cartridges even when the Ammo Box is held upside down.

The Chassis of the ZERO Ammo Box is constructed from solid Aluminum and precision engineered using CNC technology to ensure every single one is machined to perfection.

Each case is manually brushed and anodized in two variations: Black and Silver.

New Lock

The ZERO case is equipped with a new Keylock to ensure a higher degree of security, especially when you store big bore calibers. The Ammo Box remains closed even if it is not locked up.



From home to the field and back

The perfect shot starts with the care of your ammunition. ZERO hands down the perfect solution from home to the range.

Custom Engraving

One of the most appreciated features of ZERO is the possibility to go another step beyond any Ammo Box on the market by ordering it with a custom engraving. The engraving is applied using laser etching technology thus it will never wear off. Ordering your ZERO case with custom engraving is very simple, you just have to choose the option ‘Image or Logo Engraving’ from the Engraving drop down list and upload your graphics.