ZERO N.A.T.O. OD Green

STANAG 2338 Compliant


Anti-Thermal Camo – Activated

One of the currently available finishes for ZERO, N.A.T.O. GREEN, is treated with the same varnish as many military vehicles that operate in conflict zones where there is a high risk of the enemy using Infrared (IR) – Heat Seeking weaponry. Such systems can arm and fire guided heat seeking missiles at Helicopters, Armoured Vehicles, Airplanes and Tanks so the STANAG 2338 exterior finish is crucial to the camouflage of such vehicles, preventing a lock on and thus reducing the threat of missile launch.

Super-effective camouflage

In the image directly underneath, photographed by a helicopter designed with Infrared detection technology, it is possible to comprehend the extraordinary advantage offered by the Anti-Thermal Camo varnish – The tank marked with ‘1’ has not been treated with the varnish whereas the almost invisible tank marked with ‘2’ has.

Anti-IR vs non-anti-IR compare

Anti-IR vs non-anti-IR compare


Very high resistance, durability, grip and a military style are but some of the characteristics that are derived from the special treatment with which every N.A.T.O. Green finished ZERO is produced. The characteristics of the treatment satisfy N.A.T.O. specifications (known as STANAG 2338 NATO Infra-Red Reflective (IRR) Green Colour for Painting Military Equipment) which require the employment of the green varnish for military vehicles that must reflect (and consequently hide) the Infrared emissions which emerge from internal heat sources.