The GATLING from Technoframes is a reproduction of the firing mechanism found in rotating barrel cannons. The upper body is equipped with 6 cannon chambers that rotate separately from the base. Deriving from a sophisticated magnetic-mechanical mechanism, on every 60° rotation a cartridge is expelled from the firing position, just like the cannon equipped on the anti-tank A-10 Thunderbolt.

gatling_20mm1BIG. BETTER. HUGE.

The GATLING is a collector’s item that not only looks the part but will look great atop the desk of every aviation, firearms and military history enthusiast. Available for both the .308 Winchester and (its very big brother) the 20x102mm Vulcan, each GATLING includes 6 inert REPLICA cartridges, identically reproduced in both weight and dimensions to the real thing.


Height:             5.00″ (308 WIN)     10.00″ (20×102)
Diameter:        2.95″ (308 WIN)     5.90″ (20×102)
Weight:            2.00 lbs (308 WIN)     14.3 lbs (20×102)

Capacity:     6 rounds

  • No engraving
  • Caliber engraving
  • Text engraving

Engraving is applied on the lower base.