classic-ammocaseA STEP UP

Finally, the ammunition showcase that puts your ammunition in prominence is here. Available for a wide selection of calibers, CLASSIC is the figurehead of a new generation of ammunition containers for storing, transporting or displaying your ammunition.


CLASSIC has been designed in two different shapes, rectangular and round. The rectangular format (S-TYPE) has the capability to hold a maximum of 54 cartridges, linearly aligned in 5 rows of 11 cartridges.
The round format (R-TYPE) on the other hand holds up to a maximum of 96 cartridges and, from an aesthetic point of view, the round shape best expresses the inherent precision of the design, a quality which is also crucial to the ammunition cartridges within.



The concept at the base of CLASSIC is transparency, a quality that will enable the viewer to enjoy the cartridges that are on display. Thanks to the exceptional brightness and transparency of the Plexiglas with which CLASSIC is produced, as well as the precision machining process every ammunition showcase in the CLASSIC range offers an intriguing mix of light and reflection.

With CLASSIC, ammunition has never looked so good!

classic_detail_president PERSONAL ENGRAVING

To render each ammocase a truly unique piece, every CLASSIC can be personalized with one of a selection of Laser Engravings.

  • Caliber engraving
    (chosen caliber engraved on the handle)
  • Text Engraving
    (text inscribed on the handle)
  • Logo or Graphic engraving
    (image or logo engraved on the Plexiglas cover)


A mix of high quality and valuable materials are combined in the manufacture of each CLASSIC case using the extensive experience of Technoframes. It is this experience in the development of simple yet innovative designs that is the secret to the success of these ammunition cases which offer unique and unmatched characteristics. The choice of materials and design evolved from long term studies of lighting and reflection.

The preferred Ammocase of Ammunition Manufacturers Worldwide

The CLASSIC series has been selected by Ammunition Manufacturers around the world to showcase their cartridges at annual exhibitions such as the Shot Show, NRA Show and IWA International (Germany). Now available for general purchase, the CLASSIC series can give your ammunition display a professional appearance.

logoshowsPerfect in every detail

With CLASSIC careful attention has been paid to every component right down to the minute particulars. This is especially evident in the design of both the closing rivet which is a reproduction of a bullet whereas the handle is a reproduction of the rear section of a cartridge. The choice between two types of finish completes that high range of customizations with which every ammunition showcase can be ordered.

  • R-TYPE Dimensions & Weight:
    Height:         3.30″ – 4.50″ (*)
    Diameter:    7.87″
    (*) Depending on caliber
  • S-TYPE Dimensions & Weight:
    Height:         3.30″ – 5.00″ (*)
    Length:        8.00″
    Depth:          4.20″- 5.00″ (*)
    (*) Depending on caliber
  • GOLD

The finish type relates to the handle (used for both opening and transportation) and all of the metal based elements used in the design of the case.

  • No engraving
  • Caliber engraving
  • Text engraving
  • Logo or image engraving

Engraving is applied on the top of the handle with the exception of the “Logo or Image engraving” which applies on the plexiglas cover.