The dawn of a new era in Firearm Storage


BLAZE is a Handgun Case with a difference, featuring a see-through structure and inbuilt keylock which enables Handguns to be securely stored and displayed. With solid Aluminum frames, ¼ inch thick Acrylic display panels and dual sided opening, the Standard Issue BLAZE adds another dimension to the Universal issue as it features a Dummy Mag, which is tailored to one Handgun Model and Caliber. The pistol magazine must be removed from the Handgun in order to utilize the Dummy Mag and the magazine is securely stored thanks to magnetic clips, which hold it firmly in place.

 “Hands down the most advanced Gun Case on the Market today.”

standard02 In development since 2008 the BLAZE project has undergone numerous design revisions in the relentless quest of precision, reliability and product innovation. BLAZE is not just a quality Gun Storage System, it is a feat of precision engineering tailored to the requests we have received in the past few years from you, our customers.

dummymagwith The magazine is firmly held in place thanks to magnetic clips and it must be removed from the Handgun in order to utilize the Dummy Mag insertion system. Each Dummy Mag in turn is suitable for one Handgun Model and due to its precise design will not damage the Pistol in any way. The Dummy Mag can also be locked in place so that the Handgun can be displayed both horizontally and vertically.

DSC_0670-lavorata2 Secure From its rugged milled Aluminum Frame to its 1/4 inch thick Acrylic display panels, and not to forget – dual sided inbuilt keylocks, BLAZE concerns itself with the security of your Firearm, so you don’t have to.

Senza-titolo-2 Unlike most other conventional Firearm Storage Systems on the market today, BLAZE is a multifunctional Gun Case that enables the secure storage, transportation and display of Firearms. Rapid access to the Handgun stored within is facilitated through dual sided opening and specially designed Dummy Mags (in the case of the Standard & 007 issues).


DSC_0668lavorataCustomize your BLAZE today to get the most from your firearm. With BLAZE you get more from your Handgun now that it is no longer imprisoned in a crudely designed Plastic Case. You get a constant reminder of your passion, your freedom and your commitment to the American way of life.
wallmountLavorataWall Mount The WALL MOUNT is a unique accessory which is compatible with all BLAZE cases, and brings your case onto the next level of display and storage.Thanks to the WALL MOUNT, BLAZE can be securely positioned on vertical structures, immediately adding increased security and striking display capacity. Now that BLAZE is in town you can rest assured that your Handgun can be safely displayed.
  • Height: 13.2 inches / 336 mm
  • Length: 11 inches / 280 mm
  • Depth: 2.95 inches / 75 mm
  • Weight: from 6.80 pounds / 3.1 kg

Loading Capacity

  • 1 pistol
  • 1 magazine
Standard-montaggio2Handle engraving
  • Textual engraving
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Wall Mount
  • Tactical Panels (x2)
  • Dummy Magazine
  • Ballistic covers (x2 Polycarbonate)
Materialsaisi304b aluminio13_bg_b
  • Alluminum Alloy 6061 (frame)
  • INOX Steel AISI 304
  • Polyethylene rubber
  • Nickel-plated Steel (Locking Mechanism)
  • INOX Steel Screws with wear resistant screwheads
  • 100% Recyclable Carton Packaging
Closing Mechanismkeylockb magneticb

BLAZE can be securely closed using the double inbuilt keylock which prevents unauthorized access to your pistol. Also included as part of the closing mechanism are a number of magnets which are built into both the base and cover to facilitate accurate alignment when closing.

Pistol models available