Sleek design, Tactical use

The BLACK BOX case is a seamless quality & design experience.

The external frame is made of casted aluminum powder coated in black color, which is very light and yet extremely strong. The two covers are ABS plastic in order to combine again strength with lightweight. The internal material is a pre-cut versatile foam that the operator can shape depending on the pistol outline and size.


Security and portability

The BLACK BOX is a lockable, multi-purpose case, which can accommodate a handgun or revolver, one or two magazines or any other objects you want to securely store and transport.

When used for transportation, the case protects the content thanks to the internal foams and external solid frames and covers. Moreover, the lightweight structure of the case makes it easy to carry.

While at home, the BLACK BOX can be placed in a safe cabinet or hung on the wall using the special Wall Mount from Technoframes.

You deserve it!

Whether you are a firearm owner or a firearm manufacturer, the BLACK BOX is an ideal, high-quality solution to accommodate both the handgun and its accessories.
Thanks to its versatility and security, Firearms manufacturers can rely on the BLACK BOX to sell and ship their handguns, while impressing their customers with a packaging solution that turns into a cutting-edge case.