About Us


I was born in Italy in 1970 and I grew up surrounded by the beauty of a country that kept turning man’s work into beauty. Ever since I was a boy I have been drawn to those artifacts in which shape and function melted perfectly, where harmony and simplicity coexisted.
I started working in my father’s Company pretty soon, learning how to work on the machines, with a special care and attention to details and precision. It was there that I first met the pleasure of transforming matter to create something completely new.

Like a modern sculptor, through turning and milling, I understood the infinite possibilities of giving birth to ideas.

I founded Technoframes in 2007 spurred by the passion to bring Beauty and innovation into the world of firearms, which had always fascinated me.

Today Technoframes makes proud use of the support and experience of VEGA, the Company that my father founded 50 years ago and that is still producing sophisticated artifacts in the medical, automation, robot, aerospace and defence sectors.

The mission of Technoframes is simple: to provide all firearm, shooting and hunting enthusiasts and collectors with the possibility to draw an even greater satisfaction from their passion, both at home and on site through the creation of objects encompassing:


That’s why we created a line of products based on ammunition that goes from cases to displays to replica ammunition.

At Technoframes we know that a great dedication is needed to find the perfect solutions that meet our clients’ needs. Through our constant presence on site and through our active listening to whoever uses our ammunition cases, Technoframes is proud to present the firearms community with its very best products.

Mauro Vedovello – CEO & founder